Saturday, March 26, 2011

Key Lime Pie with Heston Blumenthal's Pop Rock Crust

Do you like citrus flavoured desserts?  I adore the zing of citrus, and thought that it would be a perfect pairing for the snap crackle and pop of Heston Blumenthal's Pop Rock Crust. This crust contains melted chocolate, hazelnut paste, and popping candy.  I only had 12g of popping candies, versus Heston's 100g, yet I still found that the crust crackled away merrily in my mouth.   I can just imagine what 10 times that amount might do! 

For the citrus filling, I chose the unbaked key lime pie filling from Baking Bites.

Together, I ended up with a tart that, although short in stature, had plenty of zing and attitude to make up for it: 

For the benefit of those who made uncomplimentary remarks and whispered in the kitchen that my tart looked like melted cheese because they did not know what it was yet did not even taste it, like children at the dinner table - ask next time.  And BTW, you don't have to eat it - no-one asked you to.  (Sorry, had to get this off my chest - when they start bringing in desserts to share, then they can criticise.)

Hope you have a great weekend.  As for me, I am off to the dentist.  


Gloria said...

This look delicious! gloria

Anonymous said...

Shame on those unscrupulous few who judged a book by its cover! This looks really good, and the pop rocks crust sounds really fun! Great post!

Johanna GGG said...

sounds like there was a case of pearls before swine in the kitchen

I am not a huge citrus dessert fan but I love the sound of this - saw zumbo using some popping candy on his tv show a few weeks back so wonder if this is one of those zeitgeist ideas

Brenda said...

Fabulous dessert!! Well done!
I have some popping candy and this sounds like such a great way to use it! Thank you : )
Never mind those rude people in the kitchen....if they could bake/cook half as good as you they wouldn't make a judgement call like that tsk tsk to them!!!

adele said...

This sounds great! Pop rocks and key lime pie sound like an excellent combination.

And it looks perfectly tasty. Shame on those ill-mannered guests!

Anonymous said...

I think it's so fun that there are pop rocks in the crust! I can't believe that people were making fun of your pie...unless you work with a bunch of 10-year olds!