Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weekend in French Kitchen (Cafe Boulud) - Mushroom and Cheese Tart

This week's Weekend in a French Kitchen (CafĂ© Boulud) recipe is Cremini and Fontina Tart.  To translate that for the uninitiated, it's a mushroom and cheese tart.

I have never heard of cremini mushrooms until this week, which made it a pretty fair bet I wouldn't be able to buy them.  Apparently they are brown mushrooms, and might be something like Swiss browns.  However, my research showed that button mushrooms are an acceptable substitute, and much cheaper than Swiss browns, so I just used white button mushrooms.

Also, Fontina cheese was a little too fancy for my local supermarket, and I couldn't be bothered hiking to the market, so after another piece of research, I learned that Gouda would be an acceptable substitute.  Done - even the Woolies express near work had Gouda.

I wasn't sure whether I'd like this tart much or not, but was pleasantly surprised.  Despite the absence of meaty filling, it is still a very tasty tart, which I put down to the preparation of the ingredients, which seemed fussy at the time, but worth it in the end.

As this tart is awash with butter, cream and cheese, it is hardly diet food, but was tasty for a change.

To check out whether anyone else made this tart and what they thought about it, check out the LYL section of the WIAFK (CB) website tomorrow, Australian time.


Johanna GGG said...

sounds like a nice tart but I suspect a piece would do me as it sounds quite rich

Mae Travels said...

Your pie crust looks really expert! And the top is all brown and nice. Sounds deliciousl

best... mae at

Cakelaw said...

Thanks Mae

Joan said...

Looks fantastic. I passed on this one since I couldn't get fontina but wish I'd searched like you did and found Gouda was a good sub. I'm pretty sure cremini are the same or very similar to baby bella's and we have those here.

Tammy said...

I would assume Gouda would taste really good in this! I love this recipe.

Cindy said...

Gorgeous tart! I loved this recipe and agree that it is quite rich. Such a pretty crust too.

Kayte said...

Oh mushrooms in any kind of tart sells fast around here, we are all big fans of mushrooms of any kind whatsoever. Your tart looks wonderful. Cheesy goodness...I have to make this one.