Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WWDH - Crispy Sage Potatoes with Fried Eggs


For Wednesday with Donna Hay this week, I chose a breakfast inspired dish - Donna's Crispy Sage Potatoes with Fried Eggs.  As the name suggests, it involves fried potatoes flavoured with sage, with a fried egg cracked on top.

This was really quick and simple to prepare, and very tasty.  What's not to like?

To see what Margaret, Chaya and Sarah thought, check out their websites.


Chaya said...

I liked this one a lot. I am an egg and potato person.

TeaLady said...

So I went out Tuesday Morning to harvest some sage only to find my plant had gone to herb heaven. So making it tonite. Glad ya'll thought it was good. Smells great. Post tonite.

Kayte said...

I'm making this one this week for sure...nothing at all not to love about this. Your egg is so rich looking with that gorgeous orange color. Leave it to DH to find something simple, easy, and beautiful that works in a flash.

Karen @ From Scratch said...

This looks good!