Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cake Bake & Sweets Show, Melbourne

Last Saturday, I attended the Cake Bake & Sweets Show in Melbourne.  I had a bright and early start, as I was doing a workshop class that started at 8.30am.

The class that I chose to do was Katherine Sabbath's icecream cone cake course.  For the uninitiated, Katherine is a Sydney high school teacher who became an Instagram sensation with her bright and colourful cakes.  You can check out her creations here.

In real life, Katherine is sweet and bubbly and enthusiastic - the nicest instructor I have ever had in a baking class.  We made her famous icecream cone cake on a foam dummy - my effort is pictured at the top of this post.  Katherine also provided her cake recipe on request so that if you want to try it at home with real cake, you can.

We also iced some cupcakes with bubblegum flavoured buttercream so that we had something edible to take home: 

Katherine very graciously posed for photos after the class:

Having completed my workshop, I hit the displays at the Show.  Here are some of my favourites from the decorated cakes competition:

I was pleased to see Agathé  Patisserie had a stall, and so I took the opportunity to buy one of their famed cruffins - croissant dough baked in the shape of a muffin and filled with crème patisserie and Nutella:

This little beauty was delicious; I shared it with Tim.

Savour Pastry School had a chocolate river a la Willy Wonka:

However, it looked quite watery and not very appetising.

I enjoyed the Show better this year as there were fewer stalls and hence less craziness.  My experience can be summed up by the following sign from the Show:


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I always thought that the chocolate river looked quite watery in the movie too! I love the sound of that cruffin too :D

Johanna GGG said...

wow that ice cream cake looks like fun - sounds like a great class - I sometimes think I should go to these classes but never get organised - love the cruffin - never heard of them but I know I would love them

Mae Travels said...

I'm hopeless at decorating cakes, but I love to see the amazing ideas people come up with -- like these!

best... mae at

Kari said...

It sounds like a fun class and fun day!