Saturday, February 6, 2016

Warm Steak, Capsicum and Asparagus Salad

In my eternal hunt for interesting dinners, I found a recipe for Barbecued Steak with Asparagus, Baby Peppers and Rocket in the January Coles magazine. I don't have a barbecue or a grill pan, and it was cheaper to buy cubed steak than whole pieces, so I took the basic elements from the Coles recipe and made it into a warm salad.

Accordingly, I stir fried the cubed steak, coated in the spice mix from the recipe; I also stir fried one whole yellow capsicum cut into strips (rather than several baby capsicums), the asparagus and the chickpeas.  I used mixed salad leaves as the salad base, poured over the recipe dressing, then placed the warm elements on top (including the steak juices).  And voila - a healthy, tasty dinner based on the original Coles recipe, tweaked to suit what I had and what I like.

This is a terrific, light summer lunch or dinner, and I would make it again.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That sounds pretty fabulous! I'd be happy to have that any day :D

Teresa said...

I agree with Lorraine - it sounds wonderful.

Kayte said...

Steak salad always a hit here, this one has lovely ingredients and perfect for the spring asparagus we have going now. Sold!