Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WWDH - Paper-Bag Snapper with Preserved Lemon


It was my pick for Wednesday with Donna Hay this week, and I chose Paper-Bag Snapper with Preserved Lemon from p40 of Seasons.

This recipe is easy enough - take a scaled, gutted snapper weighing 400g or so, lay it on a bed of garlic and preserved lemon on a sheet of baking paper, stuff it with more garlic and preserved lemon, place some basil on top, pour over some white wine and olive oil, place more baking paper on top and seal into a parcel, and bake for around 35 minutes:

My biggest hurdle was that I had to scale my own fish, a rather messy enterprise. I will have fish scales in my kitchen forever.

I served my fish with veges and sweet potato:

This was quite nice - I'd make it again.

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Chaya said...

This looks delicious. I hate to admit this but this week is the last week of school and I completely forgot about Donna. Sorry.

Kayte said...

Kudos to you for scaling your own fish for this one! I had to order it special from the fish guy and it took two weeks to get one the size I needed as I didn't want anything over 2 pounds and it is hard to get snapper here, but I did get it and make it and it was delicious. I also had a difficult time finding the preserved lemons but I did manage to get a jar (I do know how to make them but it takes 30 days and no time for that when I found out the recipe). I will post it when I return from vacation, I'm running a bit behind in the posting department, sorry, sorry, sorry. Great choice.