Saturday, June 7, 2014

Raspberry, Coconut and Chia Muffins

Last Saturday, I went to the Good Food and Wine Show in Melbourne with some friends.  It was a fun day out, but the trick is to get there early - after a couple of hours, the space at "Jeff's Shed" is maxed out the hundreds of people, all vying for free samples and to buy the wares on show.

At the Jalna stand, as well as a free sample of sweet and creamy yoghurt, I picked up some recipe cards for dishes using Jalna yoghurt.  I buy their low fat Greek yoghurt anyway, so I don't even have to buy it to make the recipes.

I was taken by the Raspberry, Coconut and Chia Muffins recipe.  I adore raspberries and I had all of the ingredients, so it was worth giving them a try.  You can find  the recipe online here.

I used LSA rather than almond meal because I had it, and I didn't embellish the top with pepitas or more coconut, because while the ingredients in these little babies are not bad in themselves, all the coconut and nuts and seeds makes them on the higher side for calories.

The verdict:  these were quite tasty, but given the fairly expensive ingredients (I already had them from making this and that, so no extra expense this time) and the calorie content, I probably won't make them again.  On the up side, everyone who tried them at work went to the trouble of telling me that they were yummy muffins - I bake so often that I rarely get feedback anymore, so you can take that as a tick of approval. 


Kari said...

It was great to see your own raspberry coconut concoction. These do look great! I think raspberries in muffins are one of my favourite things :)

The Caked Crusader said...

I'm seeing chia on many blogs at the moment - I'm yet to try it. Muffins look great

Kayte said...

Yum...and I've never eaten or cooked with chia seeds. You always find the most interesting ingredients. These look delicious, love fruit in muffins.