Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cumquat and Almond Cake and Brandied Cumquats

Recently, Tim gave me a big bag of cumquats from his parents' tree to go to town with.  Cumquats are not that common in these parts, so I was very happy to have them.

I had plenty of cumquats to play with, so I made a couple of different things with them.  First up, I made a Cumquat and Almond Cake:  

The recipe is online here.  It is a riff on the orange and almond cake, but the organs are replaced by cumquats.  It is really moist and delicious.  With the flecks of orange, a lot of people mistook it for a carrot cake.

I mentioned that I had a lot of cumquats, so I needed to make a recipe that would use a lot of them.  Again, after a quick Google search, I found this recipe for brandied cumquats.

The recipe made two medium sized jars.  I kept one, and gave one to Tim - kind of an exchange for the cumquats.  I have not tried the cumquats themselves, but I had a lot of syrup from making them left over, which I poured over icecream and used to make the cumquat and almond cake (in place of the sugar syrup in the recipe), and it is quite delicious.

Hopefully you will find this post helpful if you have a cumquat tree and are wondering what to do with the fruit.  These are two delicious ways to use them.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

We were just talking about cumquats and what to do with them! This is a delicious sounding cumquat recipe :D

The Caked Crusader said...

What an unusual looking cake - very stylish. I always think citrus works well with almond.

Kari said...

Both of these cumquat recipes sound delicious. I haven't cooked / baked much with cumquats so always find cumquat recipes a little bit exotic.

Kayte said...

How fun for Tim to give you cumquats from his parents' tree...I've never seen a cumquat tree but I do love the little fruits. The cake looks delicious and I can imagine how excited Tim was to see that little return gift you sent his way with the jar of little fruits all tucked in their syrupy goodness.