Wednesday, May 20, 2015

WWDH - Hot Potato Mustard Dressing

For Wednesday with Donna Hay this week, Kayte chose Hot Potato Mustard Dressing from p143 of Off the Shelf.  This involves boiling kipfler potatoes, and while they are still hot, tossing them with a mustard based dressing (ingredients here).  I don't like red onions, so I swapped them for shallots.  The dressing was very tasty.

As suggested by Donna, I served my potatoes with some pan fried salmon.

To see what the other Donna cooks thought of Hot Potato Mustard Dressing, visit the LYL section of the WWDH website.


Kayte said...

I chose this one as I knew I would love the wholegrain mustard and vinegar combination with the potatoes, and we did, we loved it! Your potatoes look great as well, I think Mark would like it with the yellow mustard so I'm going to give that a try for him.

Peggy said...

Yum! I made this with red potatoes and also left off the red onions. Your idea of shallots was a good one! I thought these were very good.

TeaLady said...

They sound tasty, but mustard...... Maybe I will make ONE potato.

Anna @ shenANNAgans said...

I saw the title of this post and had to comment, one of my colleagues says bye to us all each day with a cheeky 'hot potato'. No clue why. :)

Love the sound of your recipe too.