Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne

If American style sandwiches are your thing, you can't go past Bowery to Williamsburg in Oliver Lane, Melbourne.  I am late to the party on this venue, which I found out about by accident through a colleague who raved about their Reuben sandwich.  I love a good Reuben, so I couldn't resist trying the version at Bowery to Williamsburg, where the Reuben is their signature sandwich.

Here is a quick peek at the menu:

The prices are rather steeper than the Reuben that I had in Branson, but that is true of most things in Australia.

The interior of Bowery to Williamsburg is decked out in a New York-inspired theme, as their name would suggest:

It gets very busy, so it is best to go early for lunch.
I visited Bowery to Williamsburg with Tim.  We decided to hedge our bets by sharing a Reuben (corned beef, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, cheese) ($13):

and a Rachel (presumably named after Rachel from Friends), which was the same as the Reuben except that the meat was turkey, not corned beef ($13):

It turned out to be a good move, as Tim preferred the Reuben and I preferred the Rachel.  Both sandwiches were tasty and very filling.

You can order a sandwich, side (either macaroni cheese or salad) and a drink for $17.  I am glad that we didn't - I was well and truly satisfied with just the sandwich.

Tim washed his sandwich back with a Brooklyn lager, actually brewed in New York state:

while I had a Soho sparkling mineral water ($4), from Doncaster, VIC (not quite the same!):

We enjoyed checking out the interior of the cafe from our elevated perch on stools at a bench tucked away from the madding crowd:

I'd definitely go back - the food was good and plentiful, and the service was friendly. 

16 Oliver Lane
Melbourne VIC 3000


Kayte said...

Finally...something you and I both love and could go out to eat together...Ruebens! (Or Rachels) I just love that sourish taste from the sauerkraut with the meat and cheese...I find they usually put too much dressing on it so I get it on the side and just put a tiny amount on. Your adventure here looks fun!

Johanna GGG said...

looks like a fun place - glad you enjoyed your sarnies - not sure how much they cater for vegetarians but maybe I could try the mac and cheese if I got to go there!

Beth said...

I think I'd order the Rachel too! Sounds yummy.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Yum! And yep I found the same comparison when I looked at prices of BBQ places here. What would be $20 in the US is $60-$70 here.