Saturday, September 26, 2015

Weekend in a French Kitchen (Cafe Boulud) - Sweet Swiss Chard Tourte

For Weekend in a French Kitchen this week, we had to make Sweet Swiss Chard Tourte. 

Despite the "sweet" moniker, I fully expected this to be savoury - but it wasn't. If you have trouble imagining chard in a sweet pie, you wouldn't be alone, but this was truly delicious.

Take blanched Swiss chard, honeyed pine nuts and raisins, put them in a sweet dough with an egg and cream filling, and bake - et voila:

You have a rather delicious sweet pie, which defies definition but is really good.  This may be my favourite CafĂ© Boulud recipe so far.

To see what the others thought of this dish, visit the LYL section of the Weekend in a French Kitchen website.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigellah said...

OOh this is popular in Monaco and Nice and we really enjoyed it too! :D

Tammy said...

Your favorite Boulud recipe so far! That's awesome! I made mine, but totally didn't take any photos. :/

Joan said...

Looks great but I passed on this one.

Steve Stogdill said...

Pics look great.....this looks so delicious!!!!

Kayte said...

Well if this is your favorite so far, I really do need to try it. It's funny that I have never tried Swiss Chard before for some reason as we love greens and I think I have had most all of them but not the Swiss Chard. I will change that soon. Yours is very inspiring and looks delicious and beautiful at the same time!