Thursday, April 23, 2015

EwE - Asian Chicken and Vegetables in Foil

Margaret is giving us a touch of Asia with this week's Eating with Ellie, choosing Ellie's Asian Chicken and Vegetables in Foil.

This dish comprises chicken breast fillets steamed with carrots, capsicum and shallots with an Asian inspired sauce, steamed in the oven in a foil packet, then topped with toasted sesame seeds and more shallots (oops, I put those in the foil packet).

Unlike many of the other Ellie dishes, this one took more like 45 minutes to prepare and cook because of all the vegetable chopping involved.  However, it is quite simple to prepare.

I liked this dish, but it definitely needs more veges and some rice for a complete meal.

To see what the others thought of this dish, visit the LYL section of the EwE website.


Kari said...

I do like cooking in foil packets. Like you say, though, I think rice is a key component of such meals - not least because usually the packet contains lots of lovely sauce which otherwise escapes around the plate!

Chaya said...

I did my chopping in the morning and made the sauce. After work, I put it all together and cooked it. That made it better time-wise for me. After work, I usually have no desire to be fussing in the kitchen.

I totally agree with you about the necessity of rice and more veggies.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Foil packet cooking pays when it comes to cleaning so I like it. But like you I like a lot of vegetables in my meals :D

Amy (Savory Moments) said...

I like this idea, but definitely agree with the need for rice. I would need it to sop up all that yummy juice/sauce on the plate!

Jenny @ Ichigo Shortcake said...

I like to cook in foil too, because of all the juices that gets left behind. It gives the dish such a wonderful aroma and nothing goes to waste!

Kayte said...

Looks great, Gaye! Actually, she suggests serving it with rice or soba noodles in the little written part at the top of the page, so I chose rice. The amount of broth I ended up with was just the right amount for the rice to soak it up, that was delicious. I found, as you did, that this took a bit longer than the 30 minutes by the time I assembled the packets and I needed additional cooking time for mine to test to the right temperature. All in all, I ended up with a delicious meal, just like she promised.