Thursday, April 23, 2020

Ricotta Cake with Brandy Sultanas and Chocolate Ganache

Panettone smells and tastes of Christmas. The moist sweet raisins contrast with the sharp, tangy citrus peel and rich, pillowy bread.  However, to make a panettone takes serious time . What if you could get the flavours and feel of panettone with a lot less effort?

Helen Goh provides the solution with her Ricotta Cake with Amaretto Raisins and Chocolate Ganache. You can find the recipe here.

I made a half recipe in an 8” tin (being the smallest that I had). My cake would have been a little taller if I’d had a slightly smaller tin, but it was fine as it was.

I substituted the amaretto for brandy and the raisins for sultanas.  I also used chopped candied oranges instead of the candied peel.

The soft, fruit studded ricotta cake is enrobed in dark chocolate ganache that has been flavoured with the alcohol used to soak the fruit.

The end result is a soft, moist, luscious cake that smells and tastes like Christmas - and panettone!

If you are someone who likes the flavour of Christmas treats, then this cake may be all of your Christmases at once.

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