Monday, March 7, 2016

Melt and mix summer fruit cake

I recently found a collection of summer fruit recipes on The Mill House Kitchen blog (via Facebook).  I would be happy to make all of them, but the one I chose first is the Melt and Mix Summer Fruit Cake (Recipe No. 10).  It was the perfect recipe for using up two clingstone peaches in my fruit bowl that were not that nice for eating due to being rather dry.

Here is a look inside the cake:

The cake was beautifully light and moist, and was a wonderful vehicle for the fruit (which might otherwise have been wasted).  My cake took 45 minutes, not 30, to bake, but otherwise I had no problems with the recipe.

This cake would also be lovely in winter with poached winter fruits, as the authors suggest.


Beth said...

Gorgeous - peach cake sounds perfect, although I'm a few months away from fresh peaches!

Kari said...

Yum - this looks delicious and I like your note about making it in other seasons too.

Kayte said...

Summer fruit cake sounds really good right now...maybe it's the summer part...or maybe it's the fruit part...or maybe it's the cake part, whatever it is, throwing them all together sounds absolutely marvelous!