Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tonka, Melbourne

My friend J and her husband, S, were visiting Melbourne recently.  They had been going to go to the cancelled Stone concert at Hanging Rock, but those plans obviously changed.  It did give them the opportunity to eat at a few Melbourne establishments that they had been wanting to try out, and one of those was Tonka, in the CBD.  Tonka has Indian/ South East Asian fusion style cuisine.

I got there before my friends, so had the chance to check out the ambiance of the restaurant before it got too full:

I had a seat which had a pleasant view out the window to some green trees  - and off to the left, the freeway:

I had to eat and run because I was at work. However, I did get to try this starter, pani puri ($4.50 each):

They are crispy parcels filled with spiced potato, mung beans, date and tamarind chutney with aromatic water.  They were surprisingly refreshing.
J & S ordered this, which I think is the tuna tartare with rice pappadum, pomegranate, ginger and fresh wasabi ($22): 

I ordered chicken biryani  with Sella rice, saffron and cassia ($22):

It was delicious but rather hotter than I expected:

I also ordered the pappadums with tomato, coriander and red onion salsa at our waitress's suggestion for the salsa:

J & S also Hervey Bay scallops with spiced cauliflower, sweet peppers and pancetta ($6.50 each):

These are charred crystal bay prawns, mild machher curry sauce and crispy curry prawns ($18):

The last dish I saw that J & S ordered was burrata cheese, fresh coriander relish and charred roti ($22):

It all looks amazing! Unfortunately, I had to go back to work and leave them to it.

20 Duckboard Place
Melbourne 3000
Ph: +61 3 9650 3155


Hotly Spiced said...

What a shame you had to eat and run. It's so much better when you can relax and enjoy what's put in front of you. I love the look of the dishes, even if one was surprisingly hot xx

Kari said...

Even if it was rushed, this sounds like a pretty good work day lunch!

Kayte said...

All that food looks fabulous. I love that you could try so many favorite thing to do, a bite or two of this or that and not a lot of any one thing. Next time, I'll go with you. :-)