Sunday, August 3, 2014

Day 2 Las Vegas - Shopping, Jersey Boys and Le Cafe Ile St Louis in Paris

I was pretty excited about day 2 in Vegas because I was finally going to hit the famed outlet malls while Tim went on the Black Canyon raft trip that I did last time.  I went to the North Mall because someone on our coach said it was better - primarily because it was newer.

It is very easy to get to the malls in Las Vegas via the pre-paid bus service.  The bus to the North Mall also goes past famous Freymont Street, where the light show happens every night.

I picked up some great bargains at the mall, which were somewhat counterbalanced by my getting caught out by a seller of unwanted and overpriced beauty products called Enrique.  It all started with being handed a free sample of some cream, and  before I even realised, I was trapped in a chair with weird creams all over my face.  I bought something expensive that I did not want and have not used (wrinkle eraser anyone?) to get away, but even then Enrique was intent on trying to sell me more.  He did not succeed.  I will put the money that I spent down to getting a facial - because I did indeed get a facial of sorts from Enrique, and what I paid for the "wrinkle eraser" is about what I would have paid at a salon for a facial.  

I also bought this much-coveted dress from Tatyana in Caesar's Palace.  Because of the specific fit of brands like Tatyana and Stop Staring, it is better to try them on first, and I don't have that luxury here, so I was wrapt when I found out that there was a Tatyana store in Las Vegas.

I picked up cut price tickets for Jersey Boys in the evening, which was showing in Paris.  We didn't have enough time for dinner before the show, so Tim and I opted for a pre-show drink at a bar in Paris:

Jersey Boys was magnificent.  I had not seen the stage show in Australia, as I didn't know much about the Four Seasons and wasn't grabbed by the concept, but boy, was I mistaken.  There are so many well-known songs by the Four Seasons, but I had not even realised that they sang them.  It was a fabulous show all round.

After the show, we went to Le Cafe in Paris for dinner, as they had a $39 show menu too.  Tim started with a Blue Moon Belgian White ale:

and for me, there was the more bog standard Millers Lite:

This is the Le Cafe  three course show menu:

It sounds OK, but sadly was not a patch on the food at Lemongrass.

Dinner started with these rather nice chewy rolls served with butter:

For starter, Tim and I both chose the French Onion Soup:

It looks disgusting, to be sure, but it tasted really good, and was my favourite course.

For main, I chose the filet mignon with creamed spinach and a baked potato:

Um, yeah, the filet mignon was like a bit of old boot leather, and the presentation was woeful, but the creamed spinach was nice.

For dessert, I chose the New York Baked Cheesecake:

It was delicious, to be sure, but the serving was huge and I only ate about half of it.  Tim chose the similarly huge but also delicious Chocolate Layer Cake:

Day two in Las vegas was a bit of a mixed bag. but overall I came away having enjoyed my experiences.
3655 South Las Vegas Boulevard
Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, NV 89109
United States
Ph: +1 702 946 7000


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Oh my! That's a gorgeous dress! And yes nothing like trying them on. I only buy online if there are free returns. I still haven't been to Vegas but I am so eager to!

Kayte said...

French Onion Soup --- always a choice on my radar, love it above all else...weird, I know, but it is my favorite all time food. This one looks very good indeed. Blue go-to! Love your rationalization re the facial, good to go for that. The dress is lovely, really classic and beautiful and I love the color...would be so great for the holidays. Looks and sounds like you both had a fabulous day!