Saturday, July 19, 2014

Light walnut and chocolate brownies

This month's Taste magazine had a feature on "naughty" and "nice" brownies.  I am not sure how "nice" brownies with 15g of fat per serve are, but I decided to make them because they sounded interesting, with coconut oil, maple syrup and prunes.

When I looked up the website, I was a little annoyed that the recipe had previously been published in October 2009. This is the second time in recent months where I have bought a food magazine, only to find that the recipe was published elsewhere online years before. 

These brownies tasted OK, but they were a little unusual. I am not sure that I liked the prunes in them that much, despite quite liking prunes. Note that these brownies are not gluten free, although you could probably easily make them so by substituting a gluten free flour for the plain flour. They are definitely not as chocolatey tasting as your usual brownie, and they are not particularly sweet, which depending on your personal tastes, may suit you perfectly.   I have a feeling that I might like the "naughty" brownies better.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe I know what you mean - 15grams of fat for "nice" ones isn't that great especially when you didn't like them a lot.

Kari said...

Sometimes it is best to just go with the authentic so called 'naughty' ingredients :P I am interested by the idea of prunes and coconut oil in brownies though, even as I suspect I wouldn't love the prunes either.

Johanna GGG said...

I have had my eye on some brownies with prunes in them from the bourke st bakery cookbook but they are far more chocolatey then these I think - these sound good to me but sometimes unsatisfying is unhelpful as it just sets off the craving for a decent sweet in me.