Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cameron Trading Post, The Grand Canyon

Back to Route 66!  We left Flagstaff and headed out on the road towards our destination for the evening, The Grand Canyon. 

Our first stop was the Cameron Trading Post, originally established for the Navajo and Hopi tribes in the area to barter wool, blankets and livestock for dry goods.  Today, it boasts a fine selection of Navajo art for sale, a post office, a hotel and a restaurant.

The Cameron Trading Post is located close to a swayback suspension bridge over the Little Colorado River, which cuts an impressive site:

Not far from the Cameron Trading Post, you will find the Little Colorado River Gorge:

It was a spectacular site, but was soon overshadowed by this: 

Yes folks, that is The Grand Canyon, at this angle from Desert View.  It is a sight that never grows old.  Desert View also features the imposing Watchtower designed by Mary Elizabeth Jane Coulter:

At Desert View, this cheeky raven garnered a captive audience at the General Store:

Travelling on to Bright Angel, this squirrel was determined to share everyone's lunch:

I enjoyed this Breyers rum and raisin icecream from Bright Angel Fountain, a prize that we had to line up for:

I got to enjoy it while looking at this magnificent view:

We were overnighting at Maswik Lodge on the grounds of The Grand Canyon National Park.  Tim and I returned to Bright Angel Lodge for dinner at The Bright Angel Restaurant:

The cover of the menu features this gorgeous retro design:

Tim ordered a Grand Canyon Sunset Amber Ale:

while I ordered a glass of cabernet merlot after being dissuaded from the shiraz by our waiter:

For dinner, I started with the black bean soup ($4.95):

It may not look pretty, but it was delicious.  Black beans aren't that common in Australia, so I enjoyed all the different black bean dishes in the US.

For main, I ordered the garlic crusted pork loin with rice, vegetables and melon salsa ($15.25):

Once again, there were not that many vegetables compared with what we are used to in Oz, but overall, this was a tasty dish, and I enjoyed the cooling melon salsa with the spicy pork.

For dessert, Tim and I shared the House Made Bread Pudding with Whipped Cream and Caramel Sauce ($4.50):

It was not a patch on the one that we had in Springfield, but it was a nice end to our meal.

On the walk home, I spotted this "Mule Crossing" sign:

Not something you'd see anywhere else!

466 Hwy 89
Cameron, AZ 86020
United States
Ph: +1 928 679 2231

AZ, United States
Ph: +1 928 638 7888

202 Village Loop Dr
Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023
United States
Ph: +1 928 638 2631

9 Village Loop Dr
Grand Canyon Village, AZ 86023
United States
Ph: +1 928 638 2631


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love seeing those wildlife crossing signs. Even here in Australia I always want to stop and take a photo of them! :)

Guru Uru said...

I LOVE your photos, what a wonderful holiday :D
The Grand Canyon rocked my socks when I visited as well!

Choc Chip Uru

Kari said...

What amazing photos - the Grand Canyon is obviously awesome, but I also loved the first photo with its wild west look. The ice cream cone gets points for impressive shaping and height, too!

TeaLady said...

Looks like you had a WONDERFUL trip. Maybe one day you will come to the Deep South!!

Cakelaw said...

Maybe one day Margaret - would love to.

Kayte said...

Wow, the scenery shots are wonderful. I loved all those Cameron Trading Post shots especially as it is fun to see what you saw. The food photo were wonderful, I want that exact dinner please...especially that soup. I'm all about the soup always. You had such a great time!