Sunday, February 17, 2008

View from my kitchen window

Lynda from Lulu's Bay in Cairo has asked to see the view from our kitchen windows. A number of the bloggers that I regularly visit have posted their views, some of which are stunning, and I thought originally that I would not contribute my view because it is is so ordinary.

But hey, maybe my ordinary view will help you to appreciate yours more, so here goes:

This is the view that you currently get if you look straight out of my kitchen window early in the morning - summer sunlight streaming through the trees, and the wall of the flats next door. The driveway of my block of flats is directly beneath the windowsill.

The view from my kitchen window is very suburban Oz and is not a drawcard, but it is pleasant and leafy and green.

If you want to accept Lynda's invitation to show her the view from your kitchen window, don't forget to email her once you have posted about it.


Ivy said...

This view is great compared to mine and I love the picture now that it's summer.

Rosie said...

I love the sunshine and green trees on a white background of a house. Nice photo cakelaw :)

Rosie x

Lynda said...

Considering how stark my view is, yours is a real treat! - love that shade of green... and the dappled sunlight. Thanks for posting, I have added you to the blogroll... isn't it interesting seeing the view from our blogger friends! Cheers Lynda

Peter M said...

Cake, let that warm sun beat down on me.

See any wild cockatiels out & about today?

Cakelaw said...

Thanks to all for visiting my view.

Lynda, thanks for this idea - it is a fun one.

No cockatiels Peter - just some stray parrots screeching in the park down the road.