Sunday, July 1, 2007

Chilli chicken

Chilli chicken
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It was a miserable day weather-wise in Melbourne today. After a crisp clear start, it became foggy, grey and freezing cold. I spent the afternoon working in front of the heater. To that extent, the terrible weather was a godsend, as there was nothing to distract me from finishing the speech that I have to deliver in a week and a half.

To warm me up from the inside out, I made Chilli Chicken from p74 of the July 2007 issue of Delicious magazine for dinner. The original was White Chilli Chicken, and relied on using white and yellow ingredients for its aesthetic paleness. I was not concerned about the finished product being white (in fact, I prefer it not to be!), so I coloured my onions in the pan, used green capsicums and chillis instead of yellow, and used three bean mix instead of cannellini beans.

While the picture I have taken of this dish makes it look rather unattractive (how do you take an attractive picture of something like this!), it tasted superb. It contains creamed corn, which both thickens the dish and gives it a pleasant creamy flavour. The dish is served with rice for extra body.

I would definitely make this again - it is both filling and tasty.

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