Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"Healthier" Chocolate Easter Eggs

One of my colleagues is under dietary restrictions for health reasons, but I was still keen to make my annual Easter treats.  I did some research, and found this recipe for "chocolate" Easter eggs on I Quit Sugar which cuts out the sugar in regular Easter eggs.

The shell of the eggs is made from cacao powder, coconut oil, cacao butter and rice malt syrup.  For my filling, I used a quarter of a cup of cashew nut butter with a teaspoon of COCO2 sugar free hazelnut spread. 

This is what the filled shells look like before freezing:

While these "chocolate" eggs do not taste exactly like real chocolate, they make a pretty good substitute, and the filling is pretty good too.  It's a little like eating a peanut butter cup.

I am not sure what the recipients thought of these, but I was pleased with them - they worked better for me than the actual chocolates I tried to make last year!


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That's how we make chocolate from scratch too. My trainer taught me the recipe. It's not bad-I was surprised at how good it was.

Johanna GGG said...

I've had troubles with chocolates so the fact that these worked well is a good reason to make them - I don't mind healthy but I am not a fan of coconut oil so that makes me less likely to try them - but nice of you to have a go for your colleague

Kari said...

I love the look and sound of these - and your colleagues are extra lucky to not only have you bake / cook for them, but to have you accommodate dietary requirements too!