Monday, April 18, 2016

Braised Chicken with Ras El Hanout and Dates

I am always poring over food magazines, the newspaper and web sites looking for new dinner ideas.  Recently, in the Good Food section of The Age, I came across Karen Martini's recipe for Braised Chicken with Ras El Hanout and Dates.

This delicious concoction has chicken, potato, tomatoes and dates, all flavoured with Arabic spices.  The cooked dates just melt in your mouth and were a highlight of the dish for me.  

I served my braised chicken over wholemeal couscous to soak up all the flavours from the sauce, and served boiled broccoli and asparagus on the side - though I didn't really need them, as this is quite a filling dish.

What is your favourite weekend dinner? 


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That sounds really good! And I too love it when the dates become all soft and melty in tagines :D

Kayte said...

Oh, Arabic spices, I think I would enjoy cooking with those in a recipe like this! It looks delicious. I need to do more exploring with these kinds of flavors for food, thanks for the nudge in that direction.