Friday, March 4, 2016

Two Ingredient Banana Pancakes

If you are looking for an easy breakfast for the weekend and like bananas, I can highly recommend the two ingredient pancakes made with bananas and eggs (recipe here).  I know I am late to the party on these, but I finally got around to trying these last weekend.

Take heed of the tips in the post - they certainly are challenging to flip because they are so liquid.  However, I have to admit, the end result is worth it:

I used the extra baking powder ingredient to make my pancakes fluffier, and topped the end result with yoghurt, berries and nuts.

These pancakes were seriously delish - whenever I have a banana on the turn, this will be a great way to use it up.


Johanna GGG said...

I've heard of them but never tried them but they look good - it is always good to have a banana recipe up your sleeve - I have a similar mixture even though it is vegan which also uses banana that makes me think you could do this as french toast if you ever find you also have stale bread.

~~louise~~ said...

Very interesting, Gaye. I would be hesitant if it wasn't for the fact that you are sharing this post, I followed the link so it's a good source, they sure look yummy AND, I just baked a two ingredient Angel Food Cake which I didn't think would work and it did! (I hope to share in a future post:)

I guess anything is possible these days, Gaye once we starting "thinking outside of the box."

Thanks for sharing, Gaye...

Cher Rockwell said...

Apparently, I am even later to the party! I didn't know that such a thing existed - I am intrigued.

Kayte said...

I have seen this 2 ingredient banana pancake recipe lots of places and never tried it because I wasn't sure it would I think I must try it as I trust you and if you got it to work, maybe I can, too. The toppings you chose were excellent as well. Good idea for the weekend here, I put it on the calendar. Thanks.