Wednesday, April 22, 2015

WWDH - Green Olive Baked Chicken

Peggy chose Green Olive Baked Chicken from Off the Shelf for this week's Wednesday with Donna Hay.  It is the perfect comfort food now that autumn has well and truly kicked in, as evidenced by the leaves on the trees in my neighbourhood:

I liked this dish because it was quick, simple and unfussy to make -  a one pot wonder.  I think it tasted best the next day when all of the flavours had had some time to meld.

To see what the other WWDH cooks thought of tis dish, visit the LYL section of the website.  Or if you want to try this dish yourself, the recipe is online here.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I'm a big fan of one pot wonders! This looks awesome and we love green (and black) olives and always have a jar in our fridge!

Peggy said...

Glad you liked this! We sure did. And it was so quick and easy to fix!

Chaya said...

It is nice to know that almost every week, we have a dish that most of us like. We enjoyed this as well and I do love recipes that are quick and easy to make, yet still are tasty.

Kayte said...

Oh, yes, a one pot wonder indeed, and perfect for a week night. We really liked this one as well. Love the photo of the trees in your neighborhood, such a pretty little house there with the white fence.