Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby shoe lemon cupcakes


Michelle is going on maternity leave, so to bid her adieu for now, I made her some lemon cupcakes with fondant baby shoes on top.

The lemon cupcake recipe and lemon buttercream is from The Primrose Bakery, and can  be found online here.  There appears to be a mistake in the buttercream recipe, as it refers to milk in the method but not in the ingredients.  Working from their vanilla buttercream recipe, I estimated that it needed 30ml of milk, which together with 30ml of lemon juice, makes 60ml of fluid, as per the vanilla buttercream.  This seemed to work just fine.

I think the cupcakes turned out really cute:

The piping is not as neat as it could have been, because I suspect I used my pastry tip instead of my icing tip, but that's OK.

I had a sneaky taste of both cake and buttercream, and they are both pleasantly lemony and delicious.

The shoes are made from fondant that I hand-coloured in with red (pink) and blue colouring, and using this mould (I got mine from Cake Deco in Port Phillip Arcade).  I didn't bother messing around with the bows or flowers as I have no idea if Michelle is having a boy or a girl.

This is a super easy idea for a baby shower, and the cakes are tasty too.


Johanna GGG said...

so gorgeous - love the elegant simplicity and your frosting looks great

~~louise~~ said...

They are adorable Gaye. How sweet of you. My decorating skills are nil when it comes to fondant especially. You did terrific! Of course the best part is that taste good too:) I'm sure she loved them!

Thank you so much for sharing...

Emily said...

These are the absolute cutest! Adorable cupcakes.

Kari said...

These are gorgeous! What a lovely farewell gift - the shoes are beautiful.

Kayte said...

You had me at the word lemon on these little cupcakes...but then the baby shoes just made me go " so cute!" Those are adorable and what a special friend to make them...just perfect. You are so talented.