Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Duck Duck Goose & Larder, Kyneton, Victoria

A little while ago, during the trip that Tim and I took to Woodend, we took the chance to take a breezy drive through the sunny countryside - basically there and back to see how far it is.  We drove off to Maldon, our farthest destination, and had a look around the quaint, heritage-preserved town, before heading off to Castlemaine to look at XXXX Antiques for the garagenalia - we don't collect it, but my brother does.

By that stage, we were pretty hungry, as it was early afternoon, so we stopped off at Kyneton, another lovely country town not far from Woodend.  After wandering up and down the main street, we came back to where we parked the car, near Duck Duck Goose & Larder.  Situated in an imposing red brick building that stands out from the crowd, Duck Duck Goose & Larder features a cafe at the front and a gourmet supermarket at the back.  The fitout is rustic country, with lots of honey coloured wood, wildflowers, vases and country paraphernalia.

Being hungry, we ordered straight away.  Tim chose the pie of the day, being a beef and Guinness pie ~$12):

It came with a Greek style salad and a tomato relish.  Tim rated it as pretty good.

I ordered the vegetable tart with roast pumpkin, beetroot and feta (also ~$12):

The vegetables encased in a flaky puff pastry tasted so good that I would like to reproduce this at home some time.  The tart was also served with a Greek style salad and tomato relish. The relish was delicious - it added just the right amount of sweet 'n' sour to the dish. 

I washed my meal down with an organic diet light cola by Phoenix of New Zealand:

I have seen this brand before, but not in a diet version, so I was pretty chuffed.  Tim had a cappuccino, which by all accounts was comparable to a good Melbourne coffee:

The service was pretty nonchalant, but we were hungry so we didn't care.

Afterwards, we explored the grocer at the back of the building:

It reminded me of Thomas Dux in style and content, and it was fun to discover foodstuffs that you don't see in your local Woollies or Coles.

If you happen to be passing through or staying in Kyneton, I'd recommend Duck Duck Goose & Larder for some pretty good tucker at a decent price.
Duck Duck Goose & Larder
17-19 Piper Street
Kyneton VIC 3444
Ph: +61 3 5422 1653


yummychunklet said...

Great looking place!

Mae Travels said...

"If you happen to be passing through..." Well, I'm not quite sure where you are even on the smallest continent! But the pastries sound amazingly good, and I wish I would have the chance!

TeaLady said...

I only wish we had neat little places like this close to us. It all sounds fun and delicious.