Thursday, December 22, 2016

EwE - Lemon-Garlic Roasted Turkey - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

This week, Kayte chose the theme of It's Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas ... for Eating with Ellie.  Christmas is in three days' time, so it is an appropriate theme.  That said, I made my dish about a month ago.

I chose Lemon-Garlic Roasted Turkey with Rosemary Potatoes and Roasted Broccoli from So Easy.

When I went to buy turkey breast from a specialist poultry shop for this recipe, I was told I had to order it.  What???? Why bother having a specialist poultry shop when you don't even sell turkey except on special order.  This is the same shop where the staff didn't know what a spatchcock was, nor did they sell them.  It will not surprise you that I have never bought anything there - I can buy chicken at Woolies.

I ended up buying two turkey legs instead from Woolies, which just happened to be on special that week.  Bonus!!  Sure, I had to separate the meat from the large amount of sinew in the finished product, but that was pretty easy to do, and I got a large amount of tasty meat. 

For a quick and easy roast turkey dinner,   I totally recommend this recipe - so delicious, and the sides are good too.

To see what the others made this week, visit the LYL section of the EwE website.



Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I've found some butchers just don't keep the things that I want to buy. They do more standard stuff (lam chops, cutlets etc) but luckily I have one that always has the stuff that I want to order.

~~louise~~ said...

Finding a well stocked butcher in central Pennsylvania is no easy feat either Gaye. Oh to live in the "olden" days when butchering was a true art:)

Your meal sounds delicious Lemon Garlic Turkey and Rosemary Potatoes sound like a match made in heaven! Thank you so much for sharing Gaye:)

As you may know, I haven't been posting on my blog much. As a matter of fact, night before last I wrote my final post. If you get a chance pop on by:)

I just had to take a moment to thank you for the many years of loyal visiting to my blog Gaye. It has been wonderful getting a glimpse of your corner of the world through your blog and the virtual tours you have taken us on. I thank you for that. If you ever find yourself in the states, I hope you will get in touch with me. I have this owl clock that is just begging for new home:)

Stay well Gaye...I hope you Christmas is Merry and Bright and that you have a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year!!!

Kayte said...

What a great Christmas choice! I was wondering if Turkey was a staple there like it is here...we can get turkey any time of the year and it is fairly popular where I live. Your sides look lovely as well, I wish I could sit down at your table and help you eat all this, it just screams holiday.

I finally got my Christmas post up today...things are at such sixes and sevens as they say, that I am now trying to do a bit of catching up. I feel like Christmas came and went without me much in it with Emil's illness and funeral so I'm leaving my tree up another week just to enjoy being able to sit back and take a breath and feel like I had some Christmas!

Margaret said...

I would love this with the lemon and rosemary. B - not so much. I have always been able to find turkey breasts at the regular grocers. Odd that your 'specialist' would not have one.