Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bennigans Grill at the Hilton Hotel, Springfield IL

However, the highlight of the dinner, and Tim's favourite dish from the whole trip, was the Pecan Bread and Butter Pudding (which we shared):

Think a buttery warm cinnamon roll dripping with caramel sauce and topped with vanilla icecream - OMG.  This was definitely not diet food but boy it was good.

I also want to give a shout out to Moxie Massage, situated near our hotel.  I had managed to hurt my back early on in the trip, and a wonderful lady at Moxie Massage agreed to see me at 8pm on a Sunday night for a remedial massage.  She saved me.  Thanks a bunch!!!

Springfield was the home of Abraham Lincoln before he became president, so while we were in Springfield, we visited Lincoln's home:

Being a lawyer, I was keenly interested in the table where he used to work on cases in the living room:

Springfield is also the home of the Illinois State Capitol:

The Abraham Lincoln presence is everywhere - there is even an Abraham Lincoln totem pole near the courthouse:

We also visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum (we didn't get time to go to the library, in a separate building).  I was fascinated by a series of photographs showing Lincoln's rapid physical decline over the course of his presidency.

I really enjoyed our brief visit to Springfield - it is a nice place.

Bennigans Grill at The Hilton
700 East Adams Street
Springfield, Illinois US
Ph: +1 217 789 1530


2paw said...

I laughed at Abraham Lincoln on a totem pole, I am afraid when I see him I think Planet of the Apes!!
That dessert looks so wonderful. I hardly ever eat ice cream but I want some melting on that pudding right now.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Ooh I'm loving these posts on America! The burger sounds great (the salad looks not quite as good though)!

Kayte said...

Oh, I am so familiar with Springfield as well...so happy you got to see the Lincoln home, etc. Wish you could have seen the Frank Lloyd Wright house there, spectacular, and some other things. I should have met you there and whisked you away secretly, lol. They closed our Bennigan's a few years ago and I sort of miss it...they had great French Onion Soup. :-)