Friday, December 24, 2010

FFwD - Leek and Potato Soup

My French Fridays with Dorie selection this week was another one that I thought, "meh", initially, but which I did not mind once I made it.

I chose the leek and potato soup. I cannot honestly say that the thought of leek and potato soup sets my heart on fire, but it was either this or the carrots (which I won't get a chance to make). I figured I could eat the soup for lunch at work this week.

Here are all the ingredients, assembled and ready to go:

And here is the end result of those ingredients undergoing some Dorie magic:

I used some baby corn in the soup that I had just to use it up, as Dorie says that sweet corn could be added to the soup. I don't think it added that much, but was worth a try. I processed the soup after cooking to break down some of the bits, but I didn't strain it so that I could retain the texture.

The end result was a pleasant soup with a mild oniony flavour. It was perfectly nice and was just what it said on the tin.

To see what everyone else made this week, visit the FFwD LYL section for 24 December 2010.


♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Its friday again aint it?
I still have 2 recipes to go n am loving this delicious soup u have simmered!
happy hols with love and Merry Christmas!

Ivy said...

Love anything with leeks in it. Made a similar soup quite a long time ago and haven't posted it yet.
My best wishes for Happy Holidays.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to try this recipe next week! And, I'm glad you served your soup with toasted bread! I made a cream of mushroom and onion soup last night, and served it with toasted bread! Happy holidays!

Deeba PAB said...

Friday? do you manage to keep up? Love the soup. Just did a mushroom soup this morning, and now wishing I had gotten here first. This looks delicious...YUM!

Welcome to our crazy blessed life said...

mmm adding the corn in was a great idea. I may have to do that with the soup I have left over. Glad this was better than "meh".

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that this was better than expected!