Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TWD - Cream cheese pufflets

This week's unusual Tuesday with Dorie challenge is hosted by Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes, who has chosen Dorie's cottage cheese pufflets.

What are cottage cheese pufflets? They are little triangles of cottage cheese based puff pastry filled with a smidge of jam. "Sweet samosas" is an apt description of these.

The dough used to make these pufflets is very sticky and soft - you don't have long to work with it before it turns into something akin to wallpaper coated with glue. I also found that the pufflets made from re-rolled dough did not hold as nice a shape as the ones made "first go".

I found the pufflets to be rather unusual in flavour - definitely on the cheesy side. They tasted OK, but not a favourite in my household.

To see how everyone else fared with these, check out the TWD blogroll, and visit Jacque's site for the recipe.


Anonymous said...

The dough was too fussy for my taste. Not worth the effort. Your pufflets turned out gorgeous.

Engineer Baker said...

Sweet samosas - what a perfect way to describe these! And yes, I agree that they weren't quite to my taste as well. Oh well, have to have some duds every once in a while!

Tammy said...

not a favourite of mine either - yours look great

Pamela said...

I missed this week, so I am anxious to see what everyone did. I had a feeling this would be an interesting choice! At least you made them, though.

Anonymous said...

Sweet samosas is a good way to describe these. They weren't a favorite with us either, which is good because they were too difficult to handle!

Brenda said...

Definitely sounds very unusual in flavour.....cottage cheese with a bit of jam.....very interesting. Good on you for giving it a go though!

natalia said...

Don't tell me they aren't a favorite with anyone I still have to make them !! But yours look very nice !!

The Caked Crusader said...

i think "pufflet" is my new favourite word. I am going to use it as often as possible!

Romaine said...

What did you put inside them? I can't tell because you did such a good job sealing them.

Jennifer said...

I'm sorry that these weren't a favorite of yours.

Your pufflets do look good, though!

Clivia said...

Sweet samosas - a great description. I think a savoury filling would balance that cheesy pastry.

Flourchild said...

They look Puff Daddy Delicious! Not to fun to work with were they!

Jules Someone said...

I like the wallpaper paste analogy. These were not a favorite. Ah well.

Kim said...

Wall paper glue is the perfect description for this dough. They look yummy and at least you were able to get some nice looking triangles. Sorry they weren't a huge hit.

Kayte said...

They look delicious and your triangles all look perfectly shaped. I suffered a bit in that department...they were "triangular-esque."

Jacque said...

Oh, darn. Sorry they weren't your favorite, but hey, you can check them off the list and look forward to next week.

Thanks for baking along this week :)

TeaLady said...

they look just right to me. Sweet samosa just about covers it.

Not a keeper here either. Too fussy.

Thanks for coming by for a visit.

margot said...

Oh, I'm sorry the dough gave you so much trouble, the pufflets turned out nice, though. These were not a favorite here either.

isa said...

I’m sorry you didn’t like these, they still looks beautiful!

Cakelaw said...

Hi Wendy, yes, too much like hard work.

Hi Caitlin - agreed!

Thanks Tammy

Hi pamela, they are interesting - I think a savoury filling would be better with this dough.

LOL Jill - agreed!

Hi Brenda, that's right - you give it a burl and then you know.

Hi Natalia, I was pleased to see they were a hit at your house.

LOL Crusader - absolutely!

Hi Romaine, I used raspberry jam inside.

Thanks Jennifer :)

Hi Clivia, agreed!

Hi Flourchild, amen - they were not fun to work with.

Hi Julie, that's right - cest la vie.

Hi Kim, I would like to try a savoury filling like your walnut gorgonzola - that sounds delish!

LOL Kayte - I cheated a little in that I ensured I chose the "good lookers" for the photo.

Hi Jacque, thanks for being our host - I would be game to try again with a savoury filling.

Hi Margie, that's the issue - fussy dough but didn't quite hit the spot. Oh well.

Hi Margot, I thnk this one was a love 'em or hate 'em recipe for most.

Thanks Isa - and I think that counts!