Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Lemon curd cake for Racquel

Happy New Year! I am back from holidays, although because it was an action-packed vacation, I cannot truthfully say that I feel refreshed. I have posted about my foodie adventures in New Zealand's South Island here. I hope that you enjoy reading about them, and perhaps will be enticed to visit there yourself some day. I highly recommend it!

On Monday, another work colleague, Racquel, celebrated her birthday. As Racquel is bright and sunny, and she is English, I though that there would be no better way to celebrate her birthday than with a bright and sunny lemon curd cake by none other than the grand doyenne of English kitchens, Delia Smith.

The recipe for this lovely cake can be found here on Delia's website. I only made two layers because my cake tins are 20cm in diameter instead of 18cm, and instead of using Delia's lemon curd recipe, I used a delightful Martha Stewart recipe that I found here at the Cupcake Bakeshop site. (Be warned - you could eat the whole batch of curd with a spoon before it goes anywhere near the cake, as it is absolutely morish!) For the finishing touch, I decorated the cake with sugar pansies and leaves.

This cake is really easy to make because everything is mixed together in the one bowl. The only tricky bit is turning out the cakes, because they are a little fragile and tended to stick to the wire cooling rack. It is delightfully lemony in flavour - if you love a light, citrus-flavoured cake, you will love this.


Carrie said...

That is a beautiful cake!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Cakelaw said...

Thanks Carrie!

Rosie said...

Hi Cakelaw, Pleased to *see* you back after your wonderful travels :D

You have baked a most beautiful cake here!! I adore the bright colour and lemon curd yummy!!

What a lucky lady Racquel is to have such a beautiful cake baked for her birthday day :D

Rosie x

Cakelaw said...

Thanks Rosie - it is good to be back. I am catching up slowly on everyone else's blogs to catch up on what I missed obver the holidays.

Laurie Constantino said...

I don't even like cake, and I want to eat this. (As a kid, I always had lemon meringue pie for my birthday.) I love lemon curd, and your picture makes this cake look very very appetizing. YUM!

Antonia said...

What a beautiful looking cake - I adore lemon curd so shall definately be trying this. I love your decoration too!

Cakelaw said...

Thanks Antonia - you will love the lemon curd recipe.

Pixie said...

Hiya, first all thank you so much for adding me to your list (am honoured!) and shall also be adding you to mine.

Second, what a gorgeous cake. It sounds delicious; I've yet to make a cake myself; waiting for the right occasion. Though, I guess any day is the right time to bake a cake, surely. :)

Cakelaw said...

Laurie, If I can entice a non-cake eater, I am very honoured.

Pixie, thanks - love your blog and will visit often.