Monday, September 3, 2007

Best ever carrot cake

Edward: I'm afraid of heights.
Vivian: You are? So how come you rented the penthouse?
It's the best.

(From Pretty Woman, 1990, Touchstone Pictures, screenplay by JF Lawton)

Carrot Cake - uniced
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This is the Best Ever Carrot Cake. No really - I am not trying to be egotistical or facetious. The title of the Kate McGhie recipe used to make this cake, from p316 of Cook, is Best Ever Carrot Cake. And you know what - she is right!

This carrot cake is fantastic. It is moist and flavoursome, and quite frankly, I am glad that I took it to work and cut it into 16 slices and shared it with my colleagues, because by gum, I could have scoffed the lot myself. Really!

I made carrot cake at the request of one of my colleagues, Matt. I actually prefer it when I get requests, because I know that at least someone will be happy with my choice of baked goods for the week. There is a plethora of carrot cake recipes to choose from, but when Kate boasted that this one was the best, I pushed aside my cynicism and decided to give it a burl. I was not sorry - although I may have been a little sorry for myself when I was grating the 300g of carrot required for this recipe.

As well as containing carrot (after all, it is a carrot cake!), this cake is bursting with nuts (I used walnuts instead of the pecans called for by the recipe) and sultanas. To finish it off, the cake was frosted with cream cheese frosting flavoured with orange zest and juice - but I thought the photo of the uniced cake cooling on a wire rack was far more interesting.

I managed not to injure myself while grating carrots, chopping nuts and zesting an orange for this cake. However, I managed to slice into myself while cutting up the cake for degustation at work. Ah well, all in the life of a keen cook.

If you are keen to try this cake, let me know. It is seriously delicious - in fact, "it's the best"!


Agnes said...

I'd be keen to try this cake - I LOVE carrot cake! Could you email the recipe? sporkette at

cupcaketastic said...

I just found your blog, thanks for the pic of the Sweet Temp Train, I chatted to the ladies from Greenborough Cake Deco Centre whilst they were constructing it. Its huge! As for the Best Carrot Cake, it sounds delish. My favourite recipe is from Whimsical Bake House.

Cakelaw said...

Hi Agnes, I have emailed you the recipe. I would love to know what you think - do you agree with Kate that this is the best ever carrot cake?

Cakelaw said...

Hi Cupcaketastic, The train was so cute - it must have taken them hours to do! I will check out the Whimsical Bake House recipe - flushed with success from Kate's carrot cake, I am keen to try some other carrot cake recipes as an experiment.

Carrie said...

I have been looking for a carrot cake recipe, this looks wonderful!

Cakelaw said...

Thanks Carrie - the recipe is coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cakelaw, I'm in search of a great carrot cake and would appreciate if you could please email me the recipe?
Pls let me know how i can give you my email without posting it here?
Thank You
Lily; Melbournr141

Cakelaw said...

Hi Lily, email me: gmiddle72 at gmail dot com

I am travelling at present, but if you are not in a hurry for it, I will send it to you when I return.

hAvIlAh. said...

Can you email me the recipe for this carrot cake?

SuziwongCreations said...

great blog post; i came across it while looking for a fabulous carrot cake recipe...could i please ask for a copy of the recipe too?

I've just ordered a used copy of The Whimsical Bakehouse book for their carrot cake recipe. My OH is celebrating the big 5-0 this december so i'm getting in early to do some test bakes - his favourite cake is carrot.

I'll take some time to troll through your blog; there's nothing like a good cooking blog :D


Cakelaw said...

Sure, no problem. About to start work but will do so over the weekend. Cheers

Mandy said...

Hi there. Really keen to try the Whimsical Bakehouse Carrot Cake. Please could you email me the recipe? ajmingard&