Friday, June 29, 2007

Pasta with tuna, olives and tomato

For my lunch this week, I made pasta with tuna, tomato and olives from p22 of Tessa Kiros' gorgeous book, Apples for Jam.

I fell in love with this book at first site - not only for its evocative title, but because the cover is lolly pink and red and features a photo of perfect little red girl's shoes on the cover. Tessa has subtitled this work as "Recipes for Life", and has classified the recipes by colour (which is so cute!). Each recipe comes with its own story of where it came from and why it is featured in the book, and Tessa's description of the method for each recipe is written like an extension of those stories. This book is absolutely adorable just to gaze at and leaf through, even if you never make anything out of it (which, until now, I hadn't).

My photograph of this pasta dish is a little cloudy because the steam from the hot pasta kept fogging up my camera lens. The resulting pasta has a subtle rather than overpowering flavour, which I rather enjoyed. However, I will add more olives than recommended by Tessa if I make it again.

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