Sunday, January 27, 2019

Ottolenghi's Hazelnut, Peach and Raspberry Cake

I recently acquired a copy of Ottolenghi's new book, Simple.  I bought one for a friend, but on seeing the reviews, I could not resist buying one for me.  

As my passion is for making sweet treats, I naturally drifted towards the desserts section first.  It is summer here at present, and stone fruit are available in all their seasonal glory, so on this basis, I decided to make Ottolenghi's Hazelnut, Peach and Raspberry Cake.

This is a glorious cake with a crusty outside hiding a soft, cakey interior, and the peach slices and raspberries, which are placed on top of the cake at the start of baking, deliberately sink into the cake, so they are buried like hidden treasure within the slices of the finished cake. 

This recipe was posted online by The Guardian before Simple was released, and can be found here.

Ottolenghi recommends serving this cake warm.  I agree that it tasted (and smelled!) devine warm, but this cake is also good served cooled.

I highly recommend giving this cake a go  - it is delicious.


Johanna GGG said...

That looks fantastic - I also have simple but haven't cooked from it - this seems a good one for summer!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

This sounds like a nice crowd pleaser and easy to do too for when you don't want to do an iced cake.

Mae Travels said...

I tried a similar cake at Ottolenghi's restaurant in London a couple of years ago. Wonderful! It's a variation on a traditional cake that I sometimes make, but you make me think I should try his recipe.

best... mae at

Anonymous said...

I've made this cake heaps of times - it's delicious. I was wanting to make it again this weekend but peaches are not in season here - in fact the only stone fruit I can find are plums and I'm not sure that would go well with the raspberries - any ideas????

Chell888 said...

You might use the plums alone as I think the raspberries and plums together would muddy both the flavour and the colour. Having said that, it is the marriage of hazelnut , peach, and raspberry that makes this cake special.