Sunday, June 4, 2017

Sticky Port and Fig Chicken Tray Bake

The only food magazine that I still subscribe to is Taste magazine.  I had to stop the magazine subscriptions as I was not making things out of them most of the time, and the magazines are taking over my little apartment.  Taste usually has fairly ordinary dishes that I go "yeah, I'd make that" when I see them, so it has stayed.

In the June 2017 edition, there is a recipe at p38 for Sticky Pork and Fig Tray Bake.  Doesn't that sound delicious? So of course, I made it for dinners last week. 

The sticky port, fig and onion sauce adds a lovely flavour to the chicken.  I also added halved potatoes to the pan so that apart from the beans, it became a "one pot" dish.  The plants draped over the chicken are tarragon stalks.

If you fancy making this dish, you can find the recipe online at the Taste website here.

On a fun note, I went to the Good Food and Wine Show in Melbourne yesterday with my friends Sandra and Vanda.  We caught up with TV chef Miguel Mastre from The Living Room at the Maestre Family Foods stand, and here is Vanda and I posing with Miguel: 

It was all good fun, and came after we'd watched Miguel cook mushrooms earlier in the day.  We spent over 5 hours at the show, so there was plenty to eat and drink!

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