Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mr Banks Cafe, Melbourne

Mr Banks Café is a treasure that was right under my nose, and I would never have found except that my colleague, Justine, mentioned it to me.   It is hidden in the Fulham Place laneway off Flinders Lane, and is marked by a cheery red logo of a man on a bike in a bowler hat, inspired by Mr Banks in Mary Poppins. 

Mr Banks is a café specialising in fabulous gourmet style sandwiches, which are served with home-made potato crisps and a salad which varies depending on the type of sandwich.

On my first visit to Mr Banks, I wisely went with their signature sandwich, the Mr Banks ($13) - pulled pork, fennel slaw and candied bacon on a brioche bun:

This is still my favourite sandwich of all.  The pulled pork is tender and spiced just right, and the candied bacon is a delicious and inspired touch.  Behind the sandwich there is a gherkin, which adds a sour kick that goes well with the sweetness of the sandwich.

On my next visit, I ordered the roast chicken wrap with stuffing and gravy:

This one is my least favourite of the dishes I have tried so far.  It was a little dry and bland, and I probably wouldn't order it again.

Back on the plus side, I liked the  Gai Guong - chicken and prawn pattie on a brioche bun:

I quite liked this, but I found the fried pattie a little on the heavy side, compared with the lightness of the pulled pork.

Most recently, I tried the Sherlock Holmes - a cold sandwich served on Turkish bread with beef, pickles and salad (I asked for it to be sans the raw red onion that comes as standard):

I really enjoyed this sandwich, and it is my second favourite.  Then again, I do love beef and pickles.
I have always found the staff to be friendly and helpful, which adds to making for a pleasant lunch experience. 
If you are in the vicinity of Mr Banks, do yourself a favour and drop in for lunch - the menu changes all the time, with only the Mr Banks being a constant.  There is always at least one vegetarian option.
Mr Banks
Fulham Place (off 347 Flinders Lane)
Melbourne VIC 3000
 Ph:  03 9614 5732


Kayte said...

What a fun place, I love that little Mr. Banks on the bicycle. He's so cute. Food looks fabulous! You find the most charming and fun places to eat!

Mae Travels said...

I think the Disney movie sort of took over everyone's mental image of Mary Poppins, which is too bad. Nice to see a return to something closer to the original. The food looks really appealing. Given the weather here in the Northern Hemisphere, the atmosphere looks great too.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

This looks a great place! I'm a real sucker for sandwiches and burgers so I'd really like this :D

~~louise~~ said...

Sounds like this restaurant has its good points and bad Gaye. I really like the name of it that's for sure, lol...

Thanks for sharing, Gaye...