Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cupcake Decorating on a School Holiday Weekend

Recently, I hosted a cupcake decorating workshop one Sunday afternoon for a friend and her daughters during the school holidays. 

We made chocolate cupcakes together, and I had made carrot cupcakes in advance using the Crabapple Bakery cookbook recipe.

We then iced the cupcakes using a variety of techniques, including piping buttercream roses, swirls and ruffles, decorated with edible glitter, cachous and sprinkles:

then using buttercream and fondant, including colouring the fondant, moulding, rose making and using plunger cutters:

A sample of the end results is pictured at the top of this post.

The previous afternoon, I had attended the opening matinee performance of Strictly Ballroom The Musical at Her Majestys Theatre in Melbourne:

It was glittery, sparkly and fun - I couldn't help but come out with a big smile on my face.  If you liked the movie, or if you like good old fashioned fun, I recommend seeing this musical.


Kaley Margaret said...

What a fun sunday activity! And beautiful cupcakes!!



My Closet Life Blog

tricia s. said...

These cupcakes are gorgeous and the whole day looked so fun. Go you. I also wanted to stop by today and FINALLY leave a comment about your selecting and cooking the Snickerdoodles from the recipe card exchange. I am so, so sorry that I am only circling back now - so very late. I had been under the weather when we did the posting and my oh my did I fall behind - LOL. But I was very touched that my recipe made it to Australia and wanted to thank you for selecting it. And also to tell you how much fun I had sharing this news with my family and friends. My boys were not at all surprised that their beloved Snickerdoodles was enjoyed but I was simply tickled. THANKS !!

Cakelaw said...

Loved the Snickerdoodles Tricia - thank you for the recipe.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I love that rose cupcake! It's so pretty :D What a fun way to spend the weekend :D

Kari said...

Thee are beautiful - what a fun weekend activity.

Kayte said...

Oh, what pretty girly and just right for the girls activity! Flowers and sparkle and all those dainty pretty toppings...darn, I missed it! Is this your place in the photo? I love that table and chairs, such a nice color and the detail on the chairs. :-)

Anne@FromMySweetHeart said...

I stumbled over here from Go Bake Yourself. And I'm glad I did. Your cupcakes are so lovely! I've yet to work with fondant, but I'm feeling more inspired now! : )

Cakelaw said...

Hi Kayte, yes, this was at mine.