Monday, May 26, 2014

Amazing Maltesers Cake

Today is my seventh blogiversary; it is also the last Pilates class that I will have with Yvonne.  Accordingly, I wanted to make a cake to mark these occasions.  I chose the Amazing Maltesers Cake  - a four layer chocolate cake, sandwiched with malt-flavoured buttercream, coated with ganache and topped with Maltesers.

My cake looks a little off centre because I didn't have enough Maltesers to cover the surface of the whole cake.  I just used up what I had and left it at that.

The cake is very short for four layers, as it states in the comments to the recipes - however, I managed to cut four thin layers.  Here's a glimpse inside the cake layers:

and once they had all been sandwiched together:

Where I found the greatest difficulty was in decorating.  The ganache, once placed onto the chilled cake, tended to set up quickly, making it difficult to spread.  It also meant that the Maltesers would not stick very well, so I ended up having to use the small amounts of ganache left in the bowl to  stick the Maltesers on individually.  And then I ran out of Maltesers, leaving me with a lopsided looking cake.  Oh well, I am sure it will still taste good!

Post script - It did taste amazing, although very rich - and half the Maltesers fell off.  Here's a peek inside:


2paw said...

I've made this cake and I needed to go out and buy more Maltesers. I also tried to line them up in concentric circles to make cutting easier, but since it was hard and I wasn't doing the cutting, I gave up!!! It is pretty spectacular but I do have lots of malted milk powder left over!!!
Happy Bloggiversary!!!

Johanna GGG said...

I am impressed at your making a cake with 4 layers - would love a large slice! Happy blogiversary

Kari said...

This really is amazing! A fitting tribute to 7 years of blogging - congratulations.

Kayte said...

Happy Blog Anniversary...I knew you would celebrate with a cake. I would say the cake looks wonderfully delicious (and I am sure it was) but you know I don't like chocolate so you would think I was just saying an untruth. But I do think you all enjoyed it!