Thursday, July 14, 2016

EwE - Green Bean and Walnut Salad - Eat Your Veggies!

For Eating with Ellie this week, Margaret has asked us to Eat Your Greens.  I am happy to do so.  As a child, I hated most vegetables with a passion, and I doubt that ate too many greens.  Now, I feel deprived or as if the meal is not complete if there are no veges, including greens.

The recipe that I chose is Ellie's Green Bean and Walnut Salad, which can also be found online here.

Mustard, red wine vinegar, parsley and red onion are combined with chopped walnuts and cooked green beans to make a delicious side dish that would go with just about anything.

To see what the others made this week, visit the LYL section of the EwE website.


Johanna GGG said...

I eat so many more veg as an adult than as a child (unless you count potatoes -ha ha) and I would love to eat this salad on the side of any dinner

Kayte said...

Okay, I need to get to this one soon as this looks really really good. Green beans are nice here right now and this is the perfect time to make it with those thin ripe green beans that just scream fresh and good! And good for you! Nice photo, makes me want to scoop up some and put it on my plate. I wish I had made this one, I made a pasta stuffed with veggies but you can't see the veggies very well in time I will remember that and make more of a showstopper like you did! :-)

Peggy said...

I could totally love this dish! Will have to make it soon. Looks delicious! Beautiful pic too!

TeaLady said...

I too was a veggie hater as a child and now I can make a meal on them. OFten do.
I have also recently discovered I like nuts in salads. This one looks just perfect.