Monday, January 13, 2014

Raspberry Cupcakes for Racquel's Birthday

It was my friend Racquel's birthday on Wednesday last week, and on Saturday, as I was seeing her in person, I made her some birthday cupcakes.

I have no idea what Racquel's favourite flavour is, so I just used the trusty Primose Bakery vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting, and tossed a cup (or thereabouts) of frozen raspberries into the cake batter to make raspberry cupcakes.  I also faintly flavoured the icing with rosewater.

Unfortunately, in desperately trying not to have any icing left over by halving the recipe, I didn't have quite enough to pipe them all, so I flat iced two of them and decorated them with store bought sugar roses:  

The little white pearls are by Queen.

Unfortunately the cakes didn't look as pristine as this when they arrived, as I tripped on the tram and the box tipped - well, you know what happened.  The icing got a little smooshed, and while in the end they weren't too bad (especially as I had no means to touch up the icing), they didn't look as lovely as they do in these photos.

I do love making cupcakes, as they are always a crowd pleaser.  What is your favourite cupcake flavour?


2paw said...

Oh how disappointing to have tripped, but they do look beautiful!! I can never get the amount of icing right. Oh, I quite like lemon cupcakes, with a dollop of lemon curd in the centre. Yum!!! I do like any berry cupcakes too.

Finla said...

I love all cupcakes. I think your friends are so lucky you make all these delicious bakes for their b'days.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Transporting cakes is such a pain isn't it! That's the most nerve wracking moment for me. They look lovely though!

TeaLady said...

Those are so pretty. It is sometimes so hard to transport baked goodies. Been there, done that!!!