Friday, August 12, 2011

FFwD - No Salmon In A Jar, Osso Buco a L'Arman instead

For French Fridays with Dorie this week, we were asked to make Salmon in a Jar.  This is salt and sugar cured salmon, marinated in oil, with potatoes marinated in more oil, and served in a jar.  Although this dish is beloved by Michael Ruhlman, who shares the recipe here, the very thought of this dish makes me feel queasy.  Salmon is a rich, oily fish to start with, so making it even more so by marinating it with vegetables in even more oil just didn't seem right to me.

Instead, I am going to share with you some step by step process photos of Dorie's Osso Buco a L'Arman, the recipe for which is on p272 of Around My French Table, or which you can find online here.

Here is the orange zest simmering:

Next, here is the onion, garlic and basil frying:

 Look at these lovely fresh tomatoes being chopped up:

 The tomatoes and canned tomatoes are added to the pan with the onion and garlic:

 The osso buco is browned:

 The carrots are peeled and chopped:

 The whole lot is combined in an oven-proof dish:

before being covered and braised in the oven for 2 hours:

And at the end, you get a hot, flavoursome, filling meal,  just perfect for winter:

This Osso Buco is my kind of dish.

To see Salmon in a Jar, visit the LYL section of the FFwD website.


Gloria said...

Look amazing!! many times I dont eat this Cake law! gloria

Cher said...

I think you may not be in the minority this week... Thank you for the preview!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great winter dinner. I agree about the salmon!

Amanda said...

Couldn't agree with you more on the fish - sound way to oil for me, whereas this looks divine. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Your osso bucco looks delicious! I skipped the ffwD recipe as well. So not my speed. Great post!

Kayte said...

I'm with you, that salmon in a jar thing made my stomach jump at just the thought. Your choice looks much better and perfect for winter there!

Lauren Hairston said...

Mouthwatering! I'm not sure I'd want to make Salmon in a Jar, either. :-/

adele said...

I'm quite familiar with classic osso buco, but this looks like an interesting twist. Mmm!

Lizzy said...

My hubby loves osso buco...and would have loved this over Dorie's salmon :) Looks hope it's one of our challenge dishes soon :)

Elaine said...

I think a lot of the FFwD members felt as you did this week, so don't blame you a bit for feeling queasy about making it. We actually enjoyed it and I enjoyed making it as well. The dish you chose to make looks so good and looks like a perfect winter meal for you. Have a good weekend!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a perfect dish for Winter anyway! Who would be crazy enough to say no to this delicious dish :D

Anonymous said...

That looks really lovely! I look forward to trying at some point. I think the salmon was not the most popular pick we've had. I did the potatoes in the jar, but roasted the salmon. I enjoyed both.