Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ode to Martin Bosley and Team

Back in March, I shared my dining experience at Martin Bosley's Yacht Club Restaurant in Wellington, New Zealand with you. If you read that post, you will know that I have nothing but praise for Martin and his team. The food was fantastic, the view from the restaurant was devine, and how often does a reknowned chef (or any chef??) come out to chat with the diners about their selection? (It has never happened before or since in my experience.)

I now also wish to highlight the generosity of Martin and his team. If you hadn't heard, Martin recently released his first cookbook, Martin Bosley Cooks. After my dining experience at Martin's restaurant, I was keen to acquire a copy of his book, and ordered it straight away. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, my copy never arrived - I strongly suspect that someone with lightfingers was involved.

To confirm whether the book had been sent, I called Martin's restaurant to to enquire about my order. The staff seemed concerned, as they had sent the book about a month before, and confirmed that they had the correct address. I never expected to hear anything more, and resigned myself to the loss of the book.

However, much to my delight, the very next day, Ange from Martin's restaurant rang to say that Martin had decided to send me another copy of the book. I was over the moon!!! And today, that replacement copy of Martin Bosley Cooks arrived. In a world which is often hardened and uncaring in circumstances like these, this act of generosity by Martin Bosley and his team shines like a beacon, and I am truly grateful.

I am also delighted by the book itself. Fancy Steamed Cockles with Potato Gnocchi, Anchovies and Olive Oil? How about Grilled Fish with Roast Kumara Puree and Red Wine and Mushroom Ragout? Or Grilled Lamb Rump with Chorizo, Chickpeas and Mushrooms and Apple and Onion Salad? Why not skip to dessert and try Martin's signature Baked Meringues with Poached Cherries and Toffee Popcorn? These dishes sound grand, but Martin states that the recipes in the book involve simple food, and are designed to give people pleasure from preparing good food for others.

If anything I have mentioned in this post appeals to you, I urge you to buy a copy of Martin Bosley Cooks or, if you are lucky enough to be in Wellington, to visit Martin Bosley's Yacht Club Restaurant. In the process, you will have the pleasure of sampling the dishes of
an award-winning fine dining chef, and knowing that Martin is worthy of that esteemed Aussie term of endearment, a "top bloke".


Ivy said...

Cake shall be looking forward to seeing the recipes you will make from this cookbook.

Lorraine E said...

Oooh how lovely of him to do that! I don't think many chefs would do that nor come out to have a chat to patrons about their meal.

The Blonde Duck said...

Sounds wonderful!

Tammy said...

hi Gaye

I have this book too - I havent been to the restaurant but Martin Bosley did a demo at the Auckland food show in August and he seems like a "top bloke"! I havent made anything from the book yet, but will be keen to read about what you make!

Emiline said...

I'm glad they're sending you another copy! That's nice of them.

Cakelaw said...

Hi Ivy, I am kenn to go. I also have a new book that you would love from The Press Club Restaurant here in Melbourne - all Greek dishes. There's a recipe for mastic lamb on my radar.

Hi Lorraine - me neither, which is why I am so delighted.

It is Duckie - can't wait to get stuck in.

Hi Tammy, Lucky you! I was tongue-tied when he spoke to me in the restaurant - probably came across as a moron.

Em, it is wonderful and oh so rare.

Arfi Binsted said...

i always follow his food column on the NZ Listener and have been trying out his recipes, like the orange and cardamom panna cotta. he's a great chef! how come you did not let me know if you went dining with martin? otherwise, we could have met, gaye :)

Rosie said...

This really sounds wonderful!!

Rosie x

Cakelaw said...

Hi Arfi, I wish I knew you better when I went over - I would have loved to have met up. Love NZ, so I'll be back - we must try and meet then.

Hi Rosie, It is- I am a very happy girl.