Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chinese Take-Out Party - Chicken Chow Mein

On 1 May,
Mochachocolata Rita posted her 88th post. Number 88 is lucky in Chinese culture, so to celebrate this milestone, Rita is hosting a Chinese take-out party. To come along, it's simple - make a Chinese take-out dish and post about it by 12 May.

I wanted to make chicken chow mein, so after some Googling, I found this recipe on It is a little different to traditional Aussie chicken chow mein in a number of respects. First, it isn't a pale, ghostly grey colour. Second, it is not as glutinous as your typical chicken chow mein take-out. And finally, it contains egg noodles, which are not typically found in "Aussie" chicken chow mein. However, for all of these reasons, it tastes so much better than take-away chicken chow mein. Sure, I love Chinese take-out, even with the pale, gluggy chicken chow mein that is bog standard in Australian Chinese restaurants, but as a regular meal, I much prefer this version. It is very tasty and sounds and looks very healthy. Also, it is perfect if you want to be a "lazy bones", because it uses a bought barbecue-cooked chicken, and frozen pre-cut veges work OK.

Thanks to Rita for hosting this event - congratulations on your 88th post! Do check Rita's site for more Chinese take-out ideas here.


Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

So many wishes to Rita and her milestone! i really like number 88 because 8 is the other way round the symbol of eternity!
Lots of couples are getting married this year the 8 / 8 /2008 for that reason!
Have a nice day

ServesYouRight said...

This looks delish!!! Not that I need a break from my giant sweet tooth!



giz said...

I so have no experience with asian cooking and this round I'm just sitting with baited breath waiting to see the recipes that come out of the roundup

Rosie said...

This looks delish Cakelaw! Best wishes also to Rita for her 88th post!

Rosie x

Cakelaw said...

Hi Sylvia, I understand that 8 is the Chinese lucky number - perfect for a wedding. You have a great day too!

Thanks Smita, this one is pretty healthy.

Hi Giz, I think this should be a fab roundup.

Thanks Rosie.