Sunday, April 20, 2008

Green Tea and Vanilla Panna Cotta with Chocolate Sauce - Sugar High Friday - Asian Sweet Invasion

Amrita from La Petite Boulangette is hosting this month's Sugar High Friday, and has chosen an Asian Sweet Invasion theme; that is, make something sweet with an Asian twist. She suggests that, rather than making a traditional Asian dessert, we incorporate an Asian ingredient into a traditional dessert.

Bearing this in mind, I found this recipe for Green Tea and Vanilla Panna Cotta with Chocolate Sauce on Nordljus's blog. I liked the sound of one of my favourite Italian desserts with the Asian twist of a green tea infusion, so I have made this dessert as my entry for SHF.

I was pleased with the end result - this dessert was very smooth, and had a subtle but not overwhelming green tea flavour which gave an edge to the sweetness of the panna cotta. The chocolate sauce complemented the panna cotta well, but is not strictly necessary. I think this dessert would be perfect at a fusion food dinner party, as it looks stylish and elegant, and is a little bit different to a traditional panna cotta in taste.

Thanks to Amrita for hosting this month's Sugar High Friday, and do watch out for the roundup on her blog next Friday.


Silvia - Magnolia Wedding Planner said...

i adore panna cotta with every kind of topping!! It looks so delicious..

Peter M said...

I love green tea ice cream so I know this would hit the dessert spot too.

Ivy said...

What a lovely idea. I like it a lot. Good luck with the event.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the "asian sweet invasion" theme. What a great event, we'll have to look into that.
Love the green tea flavors in this beauteous dish!

Emily said...

Boy, does that look good. I need help in the panna cotta department. Last time I made it, it tasted like milk jello.

I think this is a very trendy dessert.

Astra Libris said...

Wow! I am absolutely in awe of your beautiful panna cotta!!

Cakelaw said...

Hi Sylvia - this one tastes good and is just a bit different from the norm.

Hi Peyer, if you like green tea sweets, then you will like this.

Thanks Ivy.

Hi T&D, can't wait to check out what you make if you decide to participate in this event.

Hi Emiline, it has become quite trendy to make fusion type desserts. I was afraid that mine wouldn't set - but thankfully it did.

Thanks Astrid!

Swati said...

Lovely idea...A very innovative and delicious dessert!!

Rosie said...

Oh my I just adore panna cotta and you have my taste buds reeling here!! This sounds SO delicious with the infusion of green tea - drool.

Rosie x

Laurie Constantino said...

This looks so very good - although I admit to being a panna cotta fiend so you're playing to my weakness, that's for sure. It looks like a light and refreshing dessert - something sweet to end the meal that isn't too heavy. YUM.

Cakelaw said...

Thanks Swati - glad you like the look of it.

Thanks Rosie - one serve coming right up!

Hi Laurie, it is surprisingly light, especially for a dessert that translates as cooked cream!

Cakelaw said...

My computer and I had a fight and I lost - I also managed to lose some comments in the process. My sincerest apologies for this. The comments, retrieved from my emails, were:

Gretchen from Canela & Comino (link in my favourite blogs list):

I have a goal to do a panna cotta. Love the flavor combo in this!

A Forkful of Spaghetti:

ooooh, very sophisticated! Glad to hear it tasted as good as it looks, too.

(And there was also an unwelcome message from a spammer about widgets (again).)

Gretchen, glad you like the flavour combo - it really is good!

Hi 'Ghetti, it sounded really unusual, but I loved it.

Anonymous said...

This looks lovely!! I'm such fan of panna cotta. We ate it in Italy many times and fell in love with it's creaminess, but not-too-creamy texture. I'm impressed - we still haven't attempted to make this. I'm not the best of a baker, but for some reason this doesn't scare me too much!