Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sweet Temptation Expo

Today, I attended the inaugural Melbourne Sweet Temptation Expo in the Melbourne Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne. The Melbourne Exhibition Building was built in 1880, and is grand and beautiful both inside and out. It is set in the Carlton Gardens, an expanse of parkland which stretches out in front of the Exhibition Building.

The Sweet Temptation Expo is, as the name suggests, a trade show of various types of sweet treats, including lollies, chocolates, cakes, biscuits and icecream. Because of the nature of the merchandise, I became disinterested in tastings rather quickly, because there are only so many sweets that I can take in one sitting.

Below is the stunning Sweet Temptation Express, made by Greensborough Cake Decorating Centre.

A sample of other visually spectacular wares at the Expo included:

Crabapple Bakeshop cupcake display

Homer Simpson cake by Marks Quality Cakes

Biscuits in the shape of current Australian federal politicians' heads by Sweet Decadence - these feature, from left to right, John Howard (Australia's prime minister), Julia Gillard (deputy leader of the Opposition), Pauline Hanson (obscured - Senate candidate and former member of the House of Representatives) and Kevin Rudd (leader of the Opposition)

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