Tuesday, April 6, 2021

TWD - Fennel-Orange Shortbread Wedges

Today's Tuesday with Dorie recipe is Fennel-Orange Shortbread Wedges.  As the name suggests, these shortbread biscuits are flavoured with orange zest and ground fennel.

I made a half recipe to get eight wedges:

I am not a massive shortbread fan, but these biscuits were nice.  They won't be on my high rotation list, but if shortbread is your thing, then you may enjoy this fennel-orange flavour riff.

To see what everyone else made this week and what they thought of it, visit the LYL section of the TWD website.


  1. I happen to adore shortbread so I think these might be my style! Thanks Cakelaw! :D

  2. I really like shortbread and these sound really good! Fennel and orange work for sure, another good Dorie recipe!

  3. i like these a lot. i did the same as you-- a half recipe as 8 small cookies. they are quite rich!

  4. It is funny I don't remember if shortbread is my thing. I will have to check my reviews. Everyone seems to like these.