Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Double-Buckwheat Double-Chocolate Cookies

This week's Tuesday with Dorie recipe is Double-Buckwheat Double-Chocolate Cookies.  These cookies contain buckwheat flour and kasha (the double buckwheat), along with cocoa and chopped chocolate (the double chocolate).  As Dorie states, the buckwheat adds a complementary nutty flavour to the chocolate.

These cookies are rather expensive to make as a once-off, as buckwheat flour is only available  at specialty stores.  Kasha is basically non-existent here and I just got blank stares when I asked for it.  However, an Internet search revealed that kasha is just toasted or roasted buckwheat groats, so I roasted my own (40 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius, in case you are interested).

These cookies are liberally sprinkled with sanding sugar and salt to enhance the flavour and appearance.

The cookies can be made free form by rolling and cutting or, as I chose to do, by making logs from the dough and slicing into rounds.  They don't spread much in the oven, which is a good thing.

The resulting cookies are quite good, and the kasha does add an interesting crunch which  no-one will identify as the mystery ingredient (doubly assured in a country where kafka does not even seem to be known at speciality stores).

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  1. Ooh I have so much buckwheat flour and kasha at the moment! Great timing! :D

  2. Interesting little cookie. I've never used buckwheat and will look into it. Sounds good. Thanks!

  3. i like the flavor combination very much...i left the kasha out in mine and subbed cocoa nibs instead, but one day i will try the recipe as written.

  4. I thought these were tasty. Sounds like getting these ingredients were tricky for you.

  5. These sound good - buckwheat and chocolate seems a good combination - I went through a buckwheat phase a while back but it passed - now I would love to try these. And I am impressed by your search for kasha

  6. I had the same blank looks when I asked for kasha as well!
    The buckinis I ended up with were good though.
    They look pretty with the salt on top.


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