Sunday, April 22, 2018

Blossom Thai, South Yarra

Friday night is often restaurant night for me.  I like to try different places as well as the old favourites.  One Friday night, we were going to the movies at Palace Como to see The Post, so it made sense to find a place to eat in South Yarra, near the cinema.

I found Blossom Thai in Toorak Road (just across the road from the cinema) by some Web searching.  When the booking was made, Tim also handily found that we had a discount voucher for Blossom Thai in our Entertainment Book (bonus!).

The interior of Blossom Thai is typical of Thai restaurants - heavy wood furniture punctuated by Asian style artwork with lots of gold:

Our host made a number of recommendations from the menu based on what is popular, so we largely went with those recommendations.  (After all, the host should know what is good!)

We started with the Potato Prawns ($9.90), pictured at the top of this post.   These tasted as good as they look.  The Potato Prawns are prawns wrapped in potato strings, then deep fried and served with sweet chilli dipping sauce - so good.

The prawns tied with our first shared main, Soft Shell Crab Curry ($24.90), as my equal favourite dishes:

In the photo, this curry doesn't look much, but there are actually two whole crabs (one each) in the curry.  The crabs are fried, and served with vegetables in a yellow curry sauce.  This was just devine.

Our second shared main was good, but did not reach the giddy heights in my estimation of the other two dishes.  It was a nightly special, being a barramundi fillet cooked in coconut milk, coated with a coconut crumb, and wrapped in a banana leaf:  

While not bad, it didn't have the wonderful depth of flavour of the curry, so we did not enjoy it as much.

For dessert, we ordered the very un-Thai like sticky date pudding ($12.90), because we both love it and our host talked up his house-made butterscotch sauce:   

Whilst not traditional, we enjoyed it very much, and our host could be deservedly proud of the sauce.

I enjoyed my meal at Blossom Thai and would happily go again.

Blossom Thai
278 Toorak Rd
South Yarra VIC 3141Ph: (03) 9827 8599


  1. Oh, you have made me culinarily jealous, that looks so good, particularly the prawns. The dessert menu can always be funny, I can never eat dessert now, so I live vicariously through others! Thanks for sharing.

  2. yum those potato prawns look soooo good. i would love a few of those. and i love soft shell crab too so yep i would definitely be ordering that one. the dessert sounds very un-Thai but i bet it was delicious. cheers S

  3. I like the idea of the potato prawns (even though I would not eat the prawns) - looks like a good night out

  4. We love Thai food in this household and my mouth started watering when you were describing everything!

  5. Blossom Thai looks really was nice to read about your choices and I have never seen the potato prawns before so I would love to come across those! Looks like a great place.


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