Tuesday, August 20, 2019

TWD - Vanilla Polka Dot Cookies

For Tuesday with Dorie this week, the recipe is Vanilla Polka Dot Cookies.  These comprise Dorie’s Good for Almost Anything Vanilla Cookie Dough, rolled into balls, coated in pearl sugar, then flattened slightly before being baked until golden.

I made some sugar balls out of ordinary white sugar and water, as pearl sugar is a little hard to come by here. It worked just fine.

These cookies are soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside because of the sugar coating.  They are simple to make, but taste good.

To see what everyone else made this week and what they thought of it, visit the LYL section of the TWD website.


Andrea_TheKitchenLioness said...

Dear Gaye, what a fun cookie to bake - they look similar to the cookies we used to enjoy as kids - you used to be able to find vanilla cookies with pearl sugar in every bakery around here - come to think of these, I have not seen them in a while but I love to bake them every once in a while!
Your version looks wonderful - I am impressed that you made your own 'pearl sugar'.
I would love one of your cookies right now, pls.

Johanna GGG said...

Interesting idea - your cookies look cute - I didn't know pearl sugar is hard to find here but it has made me realise I haven't looked

Mardi Michels said...

This is totally ingenious making your own sugar balls! I'll need to remember that in a pinch!

steph- whisk/spoon said...

you made your own pearl sugar?1? that's going above and beyond--haha! i liked these, too. cute and tasty.

Diane Zwang said...

Kudos to you for making your own sugar balls. Glad this recipe was a winner for you.