Sunday, March 20, 2016

Panettone Tiramisu

Tim likes panettone and tiramisu, so when I saw a recipe for Panettone Tiramisu in The West Australian while on a work trip late last year, I knew I had to make it for him.  The recipe was in a special on TV chefs' Christmas recipes, and can be found online here (keep scrolling down until you get to it). 

Instead of using a panettone, which is hard to find in ordinary shops at this time of year (and wildly expensive at Italian speciality stores), I bought an Easter dove cake from Coles for $12, which is basically a panettone in a different shape with sultanas, marzipan and an almond crust:

It worked beautifully in this recipe.

I am not sure how many people Tania and Christina were feeding with their tiramisu, but the recipe is massive.  I halved everything except the panetonne, for which I used roughly the same quantity (that is, the whole 750g dove cake).  My tiramisu still ended up quite massive, so I highly recommend taking the same route of halving everything but the cake. 

Here is a peek inside the finished product:

It looks good, yeah?  Cut generous slices and serve as is:

I was meeting Tim for a Madonna concert (yep, she was fabulous), so I took some tiramisu for both of us in a takeaway container, which we ate before the concert on a public bench tucked in a laneway with plastic forks while we did a spot of people watching.  It doesn't have to be fancy to be good!

Because of the panetonne ingredient, this was an expensive version of tiramisu to make, but you can cut down on costs by making your own panettone.  Alternatively , you can use that dry old store bought panettone gifted to you at Christmas - this is a perfect way to use it up if you are not a fan of the panettone itself. 


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

It sounds like the perfect thing to feed a crowd! Great idea Cakelaw. I've had this before and you can't really tell the difference between sponge fingers and pannettone. :)

Kari said...

What a fun idea! It looks like it turned out brilliantly.

The Caked Crusader said...

I daren't let Mr CC see this or I'll never hear the end of it!

Johanna GGG said...

Sounds far more fancy than much of the entertainment industry's ideas of food - I love pannetonne so we eat it a bit too quickly to have it around but I love this idea

Kayte said...

Panettone and Tiramisu, what an interesting combination, I would never have thought of that. I have made panettone before and it can be pricey depending on the ingredients...some people put this and some people put that in it. lol I think Italian recipes are huge because they were always feeding a lot of people at one time so I always take that into consideration with Italian recipes...if it says it feeds 4, you can get 8-10 out of it! :-) Those Italians know about food!